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I met you with last Thursday when you graciously gave Kristopher Zygowiec and me a tour of your
facility.  Yesterday I did my first tandem jump.  On Thursday I remember you stating that Skydance
works hard in creating a good atmosphere at this drop zone.  Your team showed me what you meant.
 From the orientation class at the beginning to receiving the pictures and video right before I left,
everyone was friendly, helpful, fun and contributed to one of the best experiences in my life.  From a
consumer point of view, you all were fantastic.

Many Thanks,
Mike Dunn

I'm so glad I chose Skydance for my first jump.  Your first jump is an experience like nothing else that
you will ever have in your life.  Other events in your life may turn out to be special for different
reasons, but I will always remember June 12, 2011.  Now for the review:

There is an obvious camaraderie between experienced skydivers.  However, I experienced that
camaraderie firsthand with Tom Grayson - my tandem jumper.  If you have a chance to jump with
Tom, do request him.

Tom had me hyped up from the time we geared up to the time we entered the plane.  He detailed all
of the safety precautions and explained how the equipment functioned.  Your brain is going 1,000
miles an hour at this point, so it's good to have someone around you that is relaxed and ready to
have a good time in the air.  That's exactly what we did.

Stepping off of that plane, the feeling of wind, gravity, and inertia is just amazing.  Words cannot
describe it.  The best way I can put it is that I felt close to whomever you choose to refer to as "god".  
It was a spiritual, brilliant, incredible sensation.

I chose the DVD package and the guy that filmed it (I'm terrible with names) was almost as excited to
jump as I was.  He definitely increased the fun factor by 10.  Excellent job!

Every person that I encountered at Skydance was friendly and eager to share their stories, and even
more interested in hearing about mine.  The lady at the snack bar offered me a gingerail afterwards.
 I shared stories and chatted with Gray - the sales associate in the clothing store - and her
enthusiasm for the sport was infectious.

Skydance is a safe and comfortable place to jump.  I felt as though I made some new friends there in
the scope of a couple of hours.  I look forward to jumping with Tom again in the future!

Seth E.
Definitely a well-oiled machine. These people know what their doing. I've been to Skydance twice
(once on a date) and they took really good care of us.

Michael B.
Dear SkyDance,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful skydiving experience. It was a wonderful way to
celebrate my 75 years. 13,000 feet with Charlie was awesome.  Charlie you are the BEST.     
Thank you
Karen Eakle
Dear SkyDance,

Thanks for taking such good care of me.  You see I jumped on Friday with Ross as my instructor.  
Coming from a novice I would still like to tell you just how your entire staff did such an excellent job
putting me at ease and, making me as comfortable as possible.

This started as soon as I checked in at the reception desk.  Even though I had prepaid there seemed
to be a mixup on the paperwork.  The two ladies that checked me in where both professional and
friendly and advised me that they would double check and, if possible, take care of this while I was
in the initial training class.  And that is exactly what they did.  Problem solved before I went to the
harness room.

Also, in my opinion, Ross did an excellent job.  He first explained everything to me and then asking
me if I had any questions.  Even as we flew up to jump altitude he calmly reassured me that I was
doing great and at the same time keep me informed of what was going to happen next.  He also
briefly re-explained the important topics that he had already covered in my initial training class.  All
the way through the jump, from start to finish, I knew exactly what was supposed to happen next -
no surprises!  And that is just how it went.  Exactly as planned.  Thanks for such a great experience.
 I can't stop talking to my family and all my close friends about it.  I seem to have a need to tell
everyone about this.

Crazy as it sounds I just might come back for another jump.  At my age, 60, how crazy is that?

Robert Horn

Hi, Lovely People at Skydance Skydiving,

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing first jump this past Sunday. In particular, my tandem
instructor, Brian, was incredible! He, and a few other hilarious instructors (Sean & Ross) made the
event even more memorable. Aside from providing comic relief, Brian was very thorough, which I
realize is infinitely more important than my amusement.  Despite the inherent danger in jumping out
of an airplane, Brian made me feel completely safe and comfortable.  I couldn't have asked for a
better first skydive.

You've got a really great staff over there; that's one of the reasons why my friends and I didn't
hesitate in taking advantage of the discounted second jump offer.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll even
be back next weekend.

Thanks again,
Sasha Prasad
Dear SkyDance,

I just wanted to send a special thank you to the Charlie and Kevin team!!
What an amazing experience!!!
Most of all, after reviewing some of my friends videos, I must say Kevin is by far the JAM!
He captured so many moments that made the video worth more than $99!
In comparison to the other videos, this kid is awesome and knows how to capture the moment... he
should get a raise.

Again, thanks for one of the most exhilarating times of my life! Charlie B thanks for being so cool
and calm :) Kevin--Ultimate thanks for capturing it with extreme expertise.
You guys are AWESOME!!

Tammy R